Marren Fuel Injection

Throttle Body

Marren Fuel Injection offers several throttle body designs for custom EFI conversions. All of our throttle bodies include enclosed linkages for reduced overall width and greater protection from grit and debris. The precise gear-linkage design enable the throttle plates to open simultaneously with no slop or free-play for equalized distribution of air to all cylinders. Throttle shafts are made of brass and supported at both ends with sealed roller bearings. O-rings are used throughout to prevent boost-leak in engines equipped with turbos or superchargers. All of our throttle bodies are machined with smooth, concentric air passages with large radii to promote airflow and prevent reversion. Our most popular design is a 1200 CFM, 4-barrel plate design. This unit is just 6 1/4 inches wide. It will fit between most port fuel injection fuel rail designs. For convenience, there are provisions on the throttle body for a map sensor, throttle position sensor, and an idle air control motor. We have designs that will flow as much as 1600 cfm for both automotive and marine applications, and they can be anodized to match your engine.

  • All billet aluminum and CNC machined.
  • Brass throttle shafts.
  • Internal gear to gear, no external linkage (all 4 throttle plates open simultaneously). Non-progressive linkage gives it equalized distribution of air to all cylinders under off idle/partial throttle.
  • Supported at both ends by sealed roller bearing with o-rings. These throttle bodies are direct bolt ons to a Holley 4150 and 4160 bolt pattern.
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