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Injector Service

Injector Service

How to restore your engine's power in 3 easy steps:

1.) Remove and package your engine's fuel injectors. Wrap them individually so they don't get damaged in shipping.

2.) Print out a copy of our Information Sheet, fill it in, and place it in the package with your injectors. Ship the package to:

Marren Fuel Injection 
91 Willenbrock Rd. Unit B2 
Oxford , CT 06478

3.) Let Marren Fuel Injection take care of the rest. With our process, we will flow test, clean, and service your injectors. We will also install new pintle caps, o-rings, and in-line filters. When they arrive at your door, they will be ready to install. A computer analysis sheet showing all of our test results will accompany them.

Many fuel injectors that are in need of service are mis-diagnosed as defective! These injectors can be returned to factory specification at a fraction of the cost of new replacements. Our results are backed by a 37-year plus track record of success. No appointments are needed for standard service, just send your injectors in to us!

Injector service pricing:

Top feed (o-ring, hose end, or mechanical), 3 or more

$28.55 each

Top feed (o-ring, hose end, or mechanical), 2 or less

$37.50 each

Side feed, 3 or more

$49.95 each

Side feed, 2 or less

$75 each

Install hose kits on hose-end injectors

Add $19.95 each

For Porsche 928 electronic injectors ONLY, install Bosch seal kits

Add $13.50 each

Direct Injection

 $37.50 each


* NOTE: Does not include shipping times.

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