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How to restore your engine's power in 3 easy steps:

1.) Remove and package your engine's fuel injectors. Wrap them individually so they don't get damaged in shipping.

2.) Print out a copy of our Information Sheet, fill it in, and place it in the package with your injectors. Ship the package to:

Marren Fuel Injection
91 Willenbrock Rd. Unit B2
Oxford , CT 06478

3.) Let Marren Fuel Injection take care of the rest. With our process, we will flow test, clean, and service your injectors. We will also install new pintle caps, o-rings, and in-line filters. When they arrive at your door, they will be ready to install.A computer analysis sheet showing all of our test results will accompany them.

This injector was heavily fouled with deposits. It was almost replaced at a cost of over $100.

The same injector after being serviced by Marren Fuel Injection. Flow is back to 100%, spray pattern shows good atomization and proper cone shape.

Many fuel injectors that are in need of service are mis-diagnosed as defective! These injectors can be returned to factory specification at a fraction of the cost of new replacements. Our turnaround is very quick (typically 1-2 working days*), and our results are backed by a 30-year track record of success. No appointments are needed for standard service, just send your injectors in to us!

Injector service pricing:

Top feed (o-ring, hose end, or mechanical), 3 or more

$25.95 each

Top feed (o-ring, hose end, or mechanical), 2 or less

$35 each

Side feed, 3 or more

$35 each

Side feed, 2 or less

$50 each

Install hose kits on hose-end injectors

Add $7.95 each

For Porsche 928 electronic injectors ONLY, install Bosch seal kits

Add $13.50 each

Same Day Service (MUST call ahead to make an appointment)

Quoted when appointment is made

Custom testing, bulk rates, accounts


* NOTE: Does not include shipping times.

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