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Fuel injected motorcycle/ATV/Snowmobile engines have a tendency to foul injectors and develop drivability problems. Remember, the engine only has 2 injectors to feed it the fuel that it needs. Stale fuel, long gaps of time between 'cruising' weather and high heat all contribute to poor spray patterns and fouled injectors. If you are rebuilding your engine, installing a big bore or stroker kit, or you suspect your injectors may be fouled, send them to Marren Fuel Injection for our cleaning and blueprinting service


When Good Injectors Go Bad

  • Most motorcylces or ATV's are not vehicles that are driven daily. Typically, they are driven seasonally and on fair-weather days. As a result, deposits are given more time to harden, and less fuel passes through the injector to help dissolve and loosen them. This leads to bad spray patterns (causing poor idling and/or part-throttle stumbles) as well as decreased fuel flow (less midrange torque and, in advanced cases, less overall power).
  • When a motorcylce or ATV is started after being stored all winter, it is often run on old gasoline. As gasoline ages, the lighter, more volatile parts of the fuel evaporate out. This leaves behind heavier,'stale' gas that is more likely to foul injectors. In some cases, the fuel thickens enough to stick or plug the injectors shut, causing a no-start condition.


The Good News

All of the conditions listed above are reversible about 99% of the time. Marren Fuel Injection is the industry leader in the restoration of motorcycle and ATV fuel injectors.Even the most heavily fouled injectors will typically be restored to factory specifications after a Marren Fuel Injection service. Simply print out and fill out our information sheetship your injectors to us, and let us take care of the rest.


Injector service pricing:

Pair of top-feed injectors for Delphi single-bore throttle body


Pair of side-feed injectors for Marelli dual-bore throttle body




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