Marren Fuel Injection

Injector Service Process

Your fuel injectors are the best place to find new power for your motor!

Getting Your Injectors Balanced & Blueprinted

Here is what we do:

  • Get a base line reading on them as they came out of the engine.
  • Information is downloaded into a computer (flow rates are in CC per minute).
  • Check spray pattern and reverse flow to check for contaminants.
  • Strip down the injector.
  • As it is being ultrasonically cleaned, the injector is opened and closed at a desired pulse width with a programmable fuel management system.
  • Injector is checked for any remaining cleaner.
  • Injector is brought up to a certain temperature and checked with a strobe to see the fuel atomization.
  • Electrical windings in the injector are checked with an oscilloscope and an ohms test performed.
  • Three hydraulic tests are performed before and after cleaning.
  • Perform a Leak Down Test
  • Install new pintle caps, o-rings and in-line filters
  • Supplied with a Computer Analysis Sheet

Once the process is complete, the key is for all the injectors to be within 0-2% deviation of one another. They should not exceed a 4% range between one another. The process improves:

  • Flow which is critical under high rpm in relation to horsepower
  • Fuel Atomization which contributes to the torque rise in the motor
Marren Fuel Injection has found that balanced and blueprinted fuel injectors are essential to total performance and can add a significant gain in horsepower.

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